Early Intervention



Your Baby Deserves A Good Start!

Learning and development is most rapid in the first three years of a child’s life. That’s why it’s important to give a child the best start possible. The earlier a child with a disability or a developmental delay is identified and gets help, the less likely the child will need special services later in life.


IMG_0144The Tot-to-Tot program is a developmental playgroup for children, ages 2 years to 4 years of age with developmental delays or who are at risk of delays. The focus is to promote all developmental skills within a typical playschool setting such as gluing, cutting, counting, coloring, playing, socializing, and being messy (just like any regular toddler would love). The group also takes hands-on educational field trips; the Wonderlab, Huber’s, local Parks, and Derby Dinner Playhouse are a few favorites. A Child Development Associate oversees the playgroup with the assistance of three additional staff. The playgroup is offered three days per week for 2.5 hour sessions. Children are enrolled for one session per week. With the support of WHAS Crusade for Children, First Chance Center is able to provide the playgroup and transportation at no cost to the families. The Tot-to-Tot playgroup is located at 1337 W. Hospital Road in Paoli.