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Steps for Designing your Bag!

You have chosen to work with the FCC Artists to design your own Envision Designs product. Now, what choices to make? First, pick your product! The twenty products offered through this interactive option by Envision Designs are separated into six product lines; Carry All, Versa, Grab & Go, Designer, Inclusion, and Extras. A general description of the product line is given below. When clicked, the name will take you to a more detailed description of each product within the product line. Once you have read the description for each product, choose which one (or many!) fits you best.

You will see that each product line description will include the options for fabric. Due to the limited quantities of each fabric that is donated to the FCC Industries, we invite you to choose a color scheme and pattern or burlap fabric for which the FCC artists will create a one-of-a-kind product of your liking. Examples of these Color Schemes, Patterns, and Burlap fabrics can be viewed under the “Our Fabrics” section below. Please use the Customer Notes section to let the FCC artists know any specific colors or patterns you would like your product to include.

CA- Cube

Carry All

The Caddy, Utility Cube, and Utility Long make up the “Carry All” product line. This line of durable products has countless uses that are sure to be helpful to anyone! Customers can choose for their “Carry All” product to either be the color scheme/pattern of their choice or the Coffee Bean Burlap. Read More
Versa-Small- Tote


The “Versa” product line includes the Small & Large Messenger bag and the Small & Large Tote bag. This line of versatile bags allows the customer to customize their purchase to fit their needs! Read More
G&G- Bailey

Grab & Go

The Barbara, Bailey, Envelope, and Mommy & Me make up the “Grab & Go” product line. A perfect fit for all ages, these bags are just what you need when on the go! Read More
Designer- Horizon


The “Designer” product line is made up five beautifully handmade purses and handbags that will give our customers a one-of-a-kind, high fashion feel. These include the Clutch, Uptown Girl, Horizon Bag, Louise, and Rose. Read More
Inclusion 2


The “Inclusion” handbag is a very unique opportunity for the consumers at First Chance Center to be involved in the Envision Designs operations. By working with the FCC artists, these consumers use their creativity to design a bag that promotes Inclusion for people with disabilities. Read More

Extras & Accessories

Whether it is for a thoughtful gift or the perfect accessory to your bag, this category including a Wine Bottle Cover, Pinned Flower, and Small Organizer offers our customer the opportunity to add a little extra to their purchase! Read More

Our Fabrics

View the Color Schemes, Patterns, and Burlap fabrics available for designing your product! Read More


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