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FCC Industries

FCCI advocates for people with disabilities. Our integrated work groups enable us to work with local businesses for the betterment of both the community and the business.

By networking together, we can help you streamline your operation, strengthen your bottom line, and give disadvantaged individuals a chance for a better life.

We pride ourselves on matching people that have the necessary skills with jobs that provide a quality product, on time, to a partnering enterprise.

For the past four and one half years, we partnered with a company that had problems finding either private industry or other non-profit agencies that could produce the volume of product they needed to grow their business. We can do the same for you. Our ability to monitor and document our processes could be a great advantage to an upcoming business. In order for us to succeed, we have to make you succeed.

Give us a call or stop in to view our operation, then join resources with us and share ideas and plans that will help you compete in this global economy.

We are fully insured and our capacities include the following services:

Subcontract Production

We have a fully equipped industrial building with 2 loading docks that is utilized for small assembly and manufacturing subcontracts.

Janitorial Services

We currently provide comprehensive janitorial services for several businesses in Orange and Lawrence counties. Janitorial contracts may be state contracts, federal contracts, commercial contracts, or contracts for specific purposes i.e. carpet cleaning or floor buffing.

Lawn Care

Our skilled, well-trained, and safety-conscious lawn care crew can supply the following services:

  • Industrial mowing
  • Residential mowing
  • Cemetery care
  • Church lawn maintenance
  • Park and recreation maintenance

Service Crew

Our box truck with its hydraulic lift gate allows us to handle many of your hauling needs, whether light industrial or residential i.e. moving furniture, moving offices, and light trucking.


We will consider any recycling projects including document shredding or industrial recycling. We have the capability of providing services as a federal, state, or county recycling subcontractor.

Prime Manufacturing

We are partnering with the Jasper Group and Best Chairs to lessen the imprint on the earth’s environment by manufacturing products from scrap fabric that would other wise end up in the landfill.  All products are unique, functional and versatile.  Some standard items include versatotes, purses, large cargo bags, small fabric baskets, etc.  Items are sold as consignment, retail or internet sales and can be viewed on our e-commerce site.

First Chance Center Industries
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