Community Employment



Community Employment Services


Community Employment Services focuses on helping people with disabilities and other barriers to successfully be employed in the community.

Supported Employment and Job Placement are available for persons with disabilities who are referred from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. An employment specialist assists the client by developing an appropriate work site; providing one-on-one training until the person can perform tasks independently; and providing follow-along services that will enable the person to retain long-term employment.

Our staff has received state-approved training for Employment Training Specialist through the Indiana Institute for Disability and Community. They are competent in providing employment services for persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment, such as developmental disabilities, mental illness, physical disabilities, and other disabilities. Services include:

  • Evaluations at community sites
  • Job readiness activities, such as:
    • completing applications,
    • developing resumes, and
    • preparing for interviews
  • Creating natural supports on the job
  • Providing referrals to community services
  • Support services to retain jobs

Community Employment Services has met the standards for quality service and is an accredited program by CARF, an international organization that accredits human services providers.

For more information e-mail
Nick Hays
or call (812) 723-4486.