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Once you have chosen your product, it is time to decide what it will look like! From the Color Schemes, Patterns, and Burlap fabrics below, let the FCC artists know how you envision your product!

COLOR SCHEMES: Left to Right

Easy Breezy (greens, blues), Earth Tones (tans, browns), Color Burst (yellows, reds, purple, orange), Simply Classy (silver, gold, grey), Camouflage

Easy Brezzy Earth tones color burst classy camo

PATTERNS: Left to Right

Geometric, Stripes/Lines, Floral- Note that these will not be the exact patterns, you are choosing a pattern style

2 1 3


Coffee Bean, Alphabet, Chevron, Eiffel Tower, Expresso, Floral, Fleur-de-lis, Mustache

coffee bean Alphabet 2 Chevron 1 Eifel 2

Espresso Floral 2 Fleur 2