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“Grab & Go” Product Line

Look effortlessly stylish with any of the four products that make up the “Grab and Go” line. These bags are available in the color scheme and pattern or Burlap fabric of your choice.

Barbara- With enough space for all of your essentials, this classic layout is the perfect size for teens and adults. The solid pattern flap with magnetic snap will add pizzazz to this trendy accessory. Dimensions: Body- 11.5″ Wide by 11″ Tall with 32″ Long Strap. Example below is the Color Bust color scheme with a Geometric pattern.

Bailey- The Bailey is an excellent option for the younger generations  who need a chic and simple bag for carrying the necessities! Dimensions: Body- 9″ Wide by 8.5″ Tall, Base- 4.5″ Front to Back, 27″ Strap. Example below is the Earth Tones color scheme with a Floral pattern. 

Envelope- The 50″ strap on this bag makes for an ideal cross body option that you can easily take anywhere. The magnetic snap on the flap will ensure that your contents stay enclosed. Dimensions: Body- 9.5 Wide by 11″ Tall. Example below is the Easy Breezy color scheme with a Geometric pattern.

Mommy & Me- This customer favorite is a great gift for a mommy and little girl. What is cuter than a matching purse for a mother and her daughter? It is sure to be a hit! Dimensions for “Mommy”: 5.5″ Tall, 8.5″ Wide with 44″ Strap ~ Dimensions for “Daughter”: 4 3/8″ Tall, 6.5″ Wide with 31.5″ Strap. Example below is the Color Burst color scheme with a Floral pattern.

G&G- Barbara 2G&G- BaileyG&G- EnvelopeMommy & me