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The Envision Designs Products and You!

The artisan products that are produced by Envision Designs come with both high quality and significant meaning. The truly talented artists at FCC Industries take these discarded fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away and transform them into functional products that are sure to stand out in a crowd.

Envision Designs invites our customers to experience the power of a purchase. Customers have the option to shop our current inventory or design their own bag. Our hardworking FCC artists have created beautiful products that can be purchased through Etsy by shopping our current inventory. Here our customers will find an array of unique bags, totes, and purses that are ready to be shipped immediately. Through our customers’ ability¬†to “Design your own Bag”, they choose the color scheme and general design of the product for which the FCC artists will bring their vision to life through the choice of fabrics. Due to the fact that these fabrics are only available in limited quantities, together the customer and the artists will create a product that will be unlike any other.

When is the last time you purchased a durable, versatile, and fabulous product that helped make a difference in someone’s life? Here is your chance.