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Administration, Community Employment Services, Day Services, Orange County Transit Services

986 W. Hospital Road P.O. Box 267 Paoli, Indiana 47454 Phone:(812) 723-4486 Fax: (812) 723-4487

Individuals with a hearing-impairment may call TTY 711 or (800) 743-3333 for assistance.

First Chance Center Industries, Envision Designs

635 N. Greenbriar Drive P.O. Box 267 Paoli, Indiana 47454 Phone: (812) 723-2950 Fax (812) 723-5134

Tot-to-Tot Playgroup:

1337 W. Hospital RoadPaoli, IN 47454 Phone: (812) 723-2273


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Executive Director: Catherine Strother
Associate Director: Rebecca Kemple
Industrial Services Director: Amanda Bush
Transportation Director: Robin Lagenour
Day Services On-site Supervisor: Molly Moon
Director of Development: Valerie  Moon
Community Employment Services Supervisor: Rebecca Kemple
 Child Development Associate:  Anita Wilson