1. Programs

    First Chance Center

    Our mission: to promote abilities and provide opportunities for persons with disabilities or other barriers to fully participate in their community.

    • Finding employment opportunities
    • Providing training in basic living skills
    • Offering early intervention for 2-4 year olds
    • Sponsoring Child and Adult Care Food Program
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  2. Services

    FCC IndustriesOrange County
    Transit Service
    • Manufacturing
    • Subcontract Production
    • Janitorial Services
    • Lawn Care
    • Service Crews
    • Recycling
    • Affordable, safe, reliable transportation
    • 4:30a - 6:00p
    • Call-in or scheduled

    (812) 723-2950

    (812) 723-4043
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  3. Products


    We pride ourselves with designing one-of-a-kind local products. When producing our products we focus on abilities rather than disabilities and all products sold support the programs for the persons we serve. Our repurposed textile products directly reduce the area's environmental impact building a stronger community for all.

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